Famous Salads

Brucey's original salads tossed to order
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Kung Fu Chicken Soba


White cooked chicken breast, green tea infused soba noodles, cherry tomatoes,
cucumber, avocado, asian herbs & leaves, with...

The Dumpling Salad


Pork and shallot dumplings, chinese cabbage, coriander, carrot, mushrooms, Asian herbs and leaves, black vinegar orange...

Crouching Chicken Hidden Chipotle


Adobo chicken breast, avocado, shallots, black beans, sweetcorn, organic corn tostadas, tomato, lime, lettuce , chipotle...

Insane in the Grain


Roasted farro, quinoa, grilled zucchini, haloumi, spring onions, fresh lemon, parsley, mint, broccoli, roasted...

Sashimi Salmon-ai Warrior


Fresh Tasmanian salmon, crunchy wasabi peas, green tea soba noodles, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, Asian herbs and...